Designer Frames

Our Collection of Designer Frames:

Sophia Loren Eyewear
Anne Klein Eyewear
Randy Jackson Eyewear
Modern Optical Eyewear
Leon Max
Ellen Tracy Eyewear
Nike Vision Eyewear
Ray-Ban Eyewear
Juicy Couture Eyewear
Via Spiga
Leon Max
Joseph Abboud Eyewear
LuLu Guinness Eyewear
IZOD Eyewear
MiraFlex Eyewear
GX by Gwen Stefani
GX by Gwen Stefani
Costa Eyewear
Otis & Piper Eyewear
BeBe Eyewear

ZEISS Eyeglass Lenses

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We have an in house lab and are able to do same day service in most cases!

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While visiting Diamond K Eye Care for your eyewear needs, we strive to help you find frames that suit both your personality and your lifestyle.  Our highly trained opticians and professional team will help your pick the perfect frame for you.  Many people aren’t aware that frame selection has a lot to do with your facial features.  So in order to assist you with some ideas before coming in, here are a few pointers

  • Due to the fact that a round face doesn’t have any angles, you want to make it look longer and narrower by choosing narrow frames that are angular.
  • To soften the look of a square face and its angles, choose a frame that is narrow. An example is one with ovals.  Another good choice are frames that are less deep and wider.
  • A face that is heart shaped is smaller at the bottom and wider at the top. To help even out the balance of this facial shape, a frame that is rimless that feature light materials and colors.  Another good choice are frames that are wider at the bottom.
  • A face that is wider at the bottom and narrower at the top needs more emphasis on the top of the frame. Choosing a “cat eye” frame or one that has lots of detail and color at the top half of the frame are good choices.
  • An oval shape is considered to be ideally balanced. In order to keep this balance it’s important to choose a frame that is at least as wide as the widest part of your face.
  • An oblong facial shape requires the addition of width. Choose frames that have decorative or contrasting temples.  Another good choice is a to give the impression of more depth rather than width.
  • A diamond shaped face requires us to soften the high cheekbones and widen the area around the eyes. Choose a frame that is oval or rimless.  Other good choices are cat-eye frames or frames with decorative or distinctive brow lines.

Skin Tone Matters

Did you know that skin tone is also an important consideration when selecting your frames.  Stick with frames that are the same color tone as your skin.  A majority of people in the United States are considered to have a cool skin tone.  People with a cool complexion should choose darker color frames.  In contrast, those with a warm skin tone will look best in lighter color frames and/or frames that are brightly colored.